So you’ve been trying to lay off some pounds, burn some body fat, dropping some lbs, In general… trying to lose weight but no matter how hard you try, It’s just not happening.

So you find yourself asking this question:

Why can’t I lose weight?

A lot of people have been there, I’ve had myself ask this question and people have asked me. The answers to this particular question is so simple and straight forward.

In this post you’ll not only discover why you’re not losing weight, You’ll also find some of the things, habits that are most likely what’s making you fat and hopefully before you reach the conclusion segment of this article…

…you’ll relate with a few of them and amend your ways to start seeing some positive results.

why cant lose weight

Lets get started with the reasons.

1. You’re NOT Eating Healthy

This is the primary cause of weight gain, Eating too many ridiculous food that does your body no good than instead leave some unnecessary remains and make you gain unnecessary weight, In other words… FAT.


Trying to lose weight but still clinging to your old eating habits is the most likely the reason reason why you’re asking yourself:

Why can’t I lose weight?

To start seeing results from your weight loss efforts you have to cut back on the bad foods you eat and embrace the healthy ones, Preferably super foods, Foods that does your body a lot of good and low in calories.

Specifically you want to stay away from consuming foods or items with excess, refined sugar, artificial foods e.g Pasta, foods with much unhealthy fats as they do your body no good and are filled with nothing but extra calories that makes you fat.

These foods are also known to slow down your metabolism thereby making it hard for your body to burn fat faster.

If you’ve been a reckless eater before trying to lose weight try adopting a healthy eating lifestyle to see how much effect it’ll make on your weight loss goals.

Got it?

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