One of the biggest fitness goals for many people is shedding some of those extra pounds.

Unless you have the luxury of a personal trainer or a lot of health knowledge, though, navigating the sea of (sometimes contradictory) advice can be totally overwhelming.

Here’s the best-kept secret out there: you don’t necessarily need fancy diets or custom-created workout plans to successfully meet your weight-loss goals.

Instead, you can try some simple hacks and tricks in your daily routine, making smaller changes that don’t require a huge commitment, but eventually add up to a big impact!

Here are some of our favorite hacks for achieving weight loss, your way.

14 Simple Hacks For Weight Loss Breakthrough

1. Choose Foods Wisely Within Your Diet

When you’re on a diet, one of the food groups that many recommend is nuts.

High in protein and good fats and packed with energy, nuts are a great healthy snack that will keep you feeling satisfied and help you avoid craving bad-for-you snacks.

However, be sure to choose wisely when you reach for a handful.

2. Eat Whole Foods

Processed foods are everywhere, but when it comes to your diet, the added chemicals and sugars are likely to hurt more than help.

Instead, add more unprocessed, whole, clean foods to your diet.

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