5. The rule of three.

Instead of placing items together as even numbered groups, do it in odd numbered groups instead.

Where 2 candlesticks together look symmetrical, by adding a bowl or another smaller candlestick holder, you will give the element of surprise.

Plus, by mixing colors and textures in order to form groups of three in a room, it will provide you with a whole new look also.

6. As previously mentioned, when looking to redecorate your living room, move the furniture.

You can also do this in your dining room. Instead of the table being horizontal to the walls, why not place it in the room at an angle (but make sure you have enough space to walk round it).

Also, move any cupboards etc., away from walls, and instead place these in corners of the room at angles. By doing this, you are giving your dining room a whole new look.

7. Why not build and attach a fold down shelf to one of your dining room walls?

It will certainly make it easier for you when entertaining, and can be used as a buffet area also.
A Guide on Decorating Your Home on a Budget.

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