This article elucidates on the seven amazing health benefits of lingzhi mushroom also known as reishi mushroom tea.

The reishi mushroom which is scientifically known as ganoderma lucidum is an edible fungus that has been used for medicinal purpose for thousand of years.

In Chinese, Reishi mushroom is also known as Ling Zhi. These mushrooms have strong anti-inflammatory properties that have been tied to longevity, mental health, and better immune function.

Traditionally, there are known as the king of mushrooms.

In the book “Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects,”reishi mushroom in Chinese represents “a combination of spiritual potency and essence of immortality.

Reishi mushroom is unique in the sense that its pharmaceutical rather than nutritional value is paramount (1).

Reishi Mushroom Tea: A Quick Overview

They have 400 different bioactive chemical compounds, and these have been reported to have some health benefits including modification of the immune system, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antidiabetic, anti-aging, anti-ulcer, and anti-oxidative properties (2).

So let’s take a look at why you need to eat these medicinal mushrooms.

1. Reishi Mushroom Tea Helps Prevent Tumor Growth and Cancer

One of the health benefits of reishi mushroom is its ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

This benefit is due to its rich source of important anti-caner nutrients including antioxidants (such as the kinds called polysaccharides and triterpenoids), beta-glucans and amino acids.

It is particularly very effective for multiple types of cancer and prostate and breast cancer.

Reishi mushroom does this by various mechanisms: inflammation reduction, and inhibition of cell and tumor growth.

Ling Zhi is useful for both prevention and possible treatment of cancer (3, 4).

This mushroom also suppresses cell adhesion and cell migration of invasive breast and prostate cancer cells, meaning it can inhibit tumor growth (5).

Researchers believe that one of the most beneficial components of the reishi mushroom is its polysaccharides, which are a water-soluble type of nutrient found in carbohydrate foods that are known to have anti-tumor abilities.

Also, it can also serve as an alternative in the treatment of leukemia (6).

Furthermore, preclinical studies reveal that reishi mushroom has anti-tumor properties and also strengthens the immune system in advanced stage cancer (7).

2. Lingzhi Boosts Immune System

Reshi is a rich source of antioxidant which boosts the immune system. Reishi has a modulating role as it can activate or deactivate certain parts of the immune system (8).

They are also rich in bioactive compounds which have the ability to strengthen the immune system (9).

When combined with an antibiotic, reishi increase antimicrobial activity much more than synthetic antibiotics alone (10). Also, reishi extract has been shown to significantly enhance wound healing (11).

3. Promotes Heart Health and Balances Blood Pressure

One of the compounds found in reishi is triterpenes which seem to possess blood pressure-lowering abilities and also restore hormone balance (12).

The hormonal disorder can also be a predisposing factor to high blood pressure or high cholesterol, but reishi mushrooms can help restore optimal hormone levels while strengthening the heart (13).

Also, reishi can also prove effective in improving blood circulation, lower inflammation and prevents clogged arteries or high cholesterol levels.

4. Reishi Mushroom Tea Helps Fight Diabetes

According to research, the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds present in Reishi mushrooms can change the way nerves impulse are transmitted to the brain, improving various functions within the endocrine and central nervous system.

Its supplementation is also used to lower symptoms of diabetes, fatigue and hormonal imbalance. (14)

5. Keeps Allergies and Asthma Away

Triterpenes a compound found in reishi mushroom can reduce allergies and histamine reactions associated with asthma.

This singular reason makes Reishi mushroom a natural remedy for asthma (15).

These compounds triterpenes are capable of lowering allergies because of the immune boosting properties.

6. Improves Liver Function and Detoxification

The liver is a dedicated organ which helps in the detoxification process. Mushrooms extracts have been shown to improve liver function and prevent liver disease, resulting in numerous benefits because it allows for proper excretion of waste and toxins.

A 2013 study published in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms reveals that mushroom reishi induces hepatoprotective effects on an acute liver injury.

This is because it contains antioxidant properties and fights harmful immune responses that slow down liver function. (16)

7. Lingzhi Improves Brain Health

Reishi is also known to improve brain function by increasing energy supply to the brain as well as decreased the amount of mind slowing neurotransmitters (17).

A 2012 study published in Neuropharmacology reveals that reishi mushroom can have therapeutic effects on neurogenerative conditions like Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

The study also suggest that reishi extract supports the production of nerve growth factors, which is very vital for neurological function

Side Effects of Lingzhi: Reishi Mushrooms

While reishi mushrooms might be safe, effective and very well-tolerated by most people, there are some inevitable side effects that may come with it.

However, you will only notice some of these side effects over an extended use and period.

Some of them may include; Headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, bloody stool, skin rashes and dry mouth. Although these side effects may seem mild, you still need to consult your doctor for proper examination.

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