Inflammation is a physical condition in which the part of the body either reddens or swollen or perhaps hot or painful, This often happens as a result of an injury or infection.


Medical news says it's the body's way of fighting against things it doesn't want or like. It is part of the body's immune response.

This isn't a serious health condition, At least its one that can be treated with healthy foods consistently.

If you've been facing this problem and would love to fight back, then you've come to the right place, Today we'll be looking at an extensive list of 74 foods that fight against inflammation.

But before then, Do you even kno​w that you may be dealing with inflammation right now? Here are....

Some Common Symptoms of Inflammation

If you're going through one of the below symptoms, it may necessarily not mean inflammation but you still have to be careful, two or more on the other hand? You should attend to it. Here they are:

1​. Fever or chills 2. Muscle spasms or twitching 3. Burning skin 5. Cramping 6. Constipation 7. Cough and sore throat.

​8. Joint pain and stiffness 9. Itchy ears and eyes 10. Rash, ives, acne 11. Diarrhea 12. Burning skin 13. Loss of appetite 14. Scaly rough skin 15. Cough and sore throat.

16. Dark circle and bags 17. Stuffy or runny nose 18. Bloating and passing gass.​

Simple Inflammation Remedies

Apart from the foods that help reduce or even eradicate inflammation, there are also some simple remedies you can turn to so as to dial the heat down, Here's a few of them.

1. Take more vitamin D 2. Spices like ginger, oregano, rosemary, turmeric 3. Massage 4. Exercise regularly 5. Take some probiotics 6. Go with an allergen-free diet 7. Mediation (amazing benefits of meditation)

8. Exercise regularly 9. Take more foods with omega 3 fatty acids 10. Practise some yoga (some effects of yoga) 11. Eat organic 12. Eat fresh fish and some fish oil.​

74 Foods That Fight Inflammation

​Here are the foods that help you deal with inflammation.

1. Broccoli 2.Cranberries 3. Oregano 4. Mulberries 5. Spinach 6. Pineapple 7. Parsley 8. Cocoa 9. Cauliflower 10. Cantaloupe

11. Rosemary 12. Hazlenuts 13. Avocado Oil 14. Brown Rice 15. Thyme 16. Cabbage 17. Green Tunip 18. Tumeric 19. Green Beans 20.

foods that fight inflammation

Cloves 21. Barley 22. Basil 23. Mackerel 24. Onions 25. Kale 26. Sweet Potatoes 27. Cinnamon 28. Ginger 29. Tomatoes 30. Mint

31. Asparagus 32. Mushrooms 33. Flaxxseed Oil 34. Walnuts 35. Brussels 36. Almonds 37. Cumin Seeds 38. Figs 39. Lettuce 40. Quinoa

41. Garlic 42. Kiwi 43. Oysters 44. Soybeans 45. Guabas 46. Limes 47. Cucumber 48. Sesame seeds 49. Coconut Oil 50. Apples

51. Sprouted Seeds 52. Leeks 53. Fresh Peas 54. Pumpkin 55. Bell Peppers 56. Black Current 57. Raspberries 58. Chicken 59. Papaya 60. Blueberries

61. Eggs 62. Cayenne Pepper 63. Horseradish 64. Bell Peppers 65. Strawberries 66. Hemp Seeds 67. Bok Choy 68. Wild Salmon 69. Cherries 70. Red Beets

71. Yam 72. Jicama 73. Turmeric 74. Lemons

If you're not familiar with the word inflammation, We'd advise you read this article for a thorough breakdown on the causes, symptoms, and treatments.

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