Healthy eating out…

Eating out is often not advisable to weight watchers cause there’s no telling what you might order once you get a close look at all those good looking, calories filled foods.

There’s also no measuring how many calories the meals you eat out (restaurants, hotels,​ parties e.t.c)…

…so what do we do?

Follow a rule, One that helps and guides you to maintain your healthy eating decision and what better way to come up with some practices to follow and remember, This one also keeps you young as well as healthy.

simple health tips

Here are 9 healthy eating best practices to follow especially when eating out.​

1. ​You should stay a way from drinks, sodas that contain alcohol. An healthier option is to drink water or take a die soda, perhaps tea.

2. Always ask for tomato sauces instead of cream based sauce. The tomato based contains way less calories and fat than the cream and may as well be considered a vegetable.

3. It’s not compulsory you finish the meal cause you paid for it. If you get full, take half of your meal home. The second portion of your meal can serve as a second meal later. This way, you get two meals for the price of one.

4. When ordering a baked potato, ask for salsa instead of sour cream, butter, cheese, or even bacon. Salad is very low in calories and provides a healthy alternative with plenty of flavor and spice.

5. Instead of staring at the fried food section on the menu, Pick your meals from baked, grilled, broiled, poached, or steamed section. These types of cooking use less fat in the cooking process and are usually much lower in calories.

6. Want to eat less? Then maybe try order just appetizers or one appetizer and salad. That’s much more better.

7. You deserve to have a dessert, No doubt but instead of eating all the dessert thereby eating all the content share some with who you’re with instead. This way you only eat of of the calories the dessert carries.

8. ​Plain bread or rolls are low in both fat and calories. When you add the butter and oil, you increase the fat and calorie intake.

​9. Eating out? Endeavor to pick foods made from whole grains like wheat bread and other dishes made with say, Brown rice.

10. When you are full, stop eating. It’s as easy as that. Listen to your body and what it tells you.

healthy eating

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