Need ideas to turn your place into the creepy but sweet halloweenish effects your guest would love?

We’ve got some very interesting ideas for you 🙂

1. Halloween Candy Holder

Halloween Candy Holder

This year, display Halloween candy in an easy-to-make “tombstone” holder. Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

2. Mason Jar Ghost Candy Gift

Mason Jar Ghost Candy Gift

Fill these ghost Mason jars with candy and other Halloween goodies as a spooky party favor. Fill these ghost Mason jars with candy and other Halloween goodies as a spooky party favor. Get the tutorial at Food Lovin’ Family.

3. Spooky Plate Wall

Spooky Plate Wall

Mix and match an array of Halloween-themed black and white plates to spruce up a plain wall. Get the tutorial at Tatertots and Jello.

4. Creepy Seat

Creepy Seat

Green leg warmers are a fun and easy way to add Halloween flair to your entryway bench.

  1.  Tape pillow batting around bench legs, then slip on leg warmers and leave 6″ of fabric at bottom for feet.
  2.  Cut 3″ off the top of a party hat; discard. Stuff bottom piece of hat with pillow batting and slide into bottom of leg warmer; hot-glue edges to secure. Repeat for other feet.
  3.  To make claws, roll a 4″ semicircle of white foam into a cone and hot-glue along straight edge. Repeat to make 12, then hot-glue three to each foot.
  4.  For tail spikes: bend nine pipe cleaners into triangles, leaving a 1″ tab at one corner of each; cut two more leg warmers along seam and use to cover triangles, keeping tabs bare.
  5.  From 2 yards green felt, cut two identical tail shapes. Hot-glue together at the tail’s base and along one edge; fill with batting. To attach each spike, cut a small slit in the top of the tail, then insert the spike’s pipe cleaner tab and fold it under. Reinforce with hot glue.
  6. Hot-glue tail shut and attach to bench with hem tape.

5. Eerie Entryway

Eerie Entryway

Trick out your front porch with a layer of moss, spiderwebs and critters—plus a menacing tree trunk on the door.

Use painter’s tape to affix brown kraft paper onto your door, making slits for the handle and knocker.

Cut eyes and a mouth out of black construction paper; tape or glue them onto the kraft paper. For the wood grain: Take white craft paint and draw curved lines first around the facial features, then vertically on the door. Place preserved green moss along the edges of your front steps or porch.

6. A Gnawing Feeling

A Gnawing Feeling

These mouse cutouts will make you think twice before picking up a book.

7. Spooky Branches

Spooky Branches

Find affordable decor in your yard! Gather long sticks and spray paint them glossy black, then push them into the tops of pumpkins.

8. Candy Kebabs

Candy Kebabs

Stack colorful gummies and marshmallow treats on skewers, then slide into a glass jar full of candy. Using a Sharpie, decorate Jack-O’-Lantern faces on a bowl of clementines.

9. Pile on the Plaid

Pile on the Plaid

Paint fall’s favorite pattern onto any smooth gourd. For the best effect, choose two or three colors and add fine lines between the thick ones.

10. No Evil Pumpkins

No Evil Pumpkins

What you don’t know can’t hurt you, right? This stacked-pumpkin statue — complete with Jack Be Little eyes and faux-skeleton arms — denies any wrongdoing around the house.

11. Boo-tiful Chair

Boo-tiful Chair

Have a seat … if you dare. Drape a white sheet over a rounded dining chair. Cut out eyes and mouth from adhesive-backed black felt and stick in place.

12. Creepy Terrariums

Creepy Terrariums

Top your table with a display of critters from the forest floor. Arrange rocks and pieces of wood on a cake pedestal or wood slice. Add moss, then toy animals (like frogs, snakes and spiders), hot-gluing in place as needed. Cover with a clear glass bowl turned upside-down, a cake topper or a cloche.

13. Bat Colony

Bat Colony

These floppy felt creatures will flutter when you walk up and down the stairs. Using a bat template and felt, cut out the shapes for the bat bodies and heads. Tie a 6″-inch long piece of monofilament line around the middle of each bat body, letting the ends hang loose. Hot-glue two pieces of range hole-punched paper to the head for eyes, then glue the head onto the middle of the body.

Tie the bats to your railings and trim any extra monofilament. If desired, attach them to a branch from your yard or craft store as an additional perch.

14. Halloween Face Pillows

Halloween Face Pillows

Charm guests with these comfortable throw pillows made from just a few cuts of fabric. How to do it Eighteen25.com

15. Swarm of Bees

Swarm of Bees

The appearance of bugs hovering over your pumpkin display will frighten — and delight — little guests. Cut a sheet of acetate into a 24″-diameter circle. Starting from the outside, cut in a spiral about 1½” wide, leaving a small circle in the middle. Hang the spiral from its widest part. Stick about 40 craft bees to the pumpkins and top and bottom of the acetate.

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