So you’ve decided that fitness is for you and working out is the way to go.

Good one. You’ve made the right decision however if you don’t have some clear directions as to how you want to fix your workout or probably some exercise moves or even where to workout or how to warm up and many other issues.

This might be a problem. This is why we have assembled this 13 simple tips to help get you a easy and incredible results with your workout efforts.

Lets dive in.

1. Stop and Go

If you play a sport that requires a full sprint, remember that a full sprint strains the muscles of the lower body. To combat this, do stop-and-go exercises.

For example, run 30 meters at about 80 percent of your effort, slow to a jog for five to 10 meters, then run again for another 30 meters. Repeat this process five times.

2. On bended knees

Almost 3 out of four ACL injury occurs when players are landing or turning.

If your knees are bent instead of straight, the risk of injury is greatly reduced according to a report in the JAAOS (Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons).

3. Cool down

Heatstroke is not something that can be easily cured like headache. To avoid it, stay cool and hydrated. Be sure the combined temp an humidity is less than 160. This is according to Dr. Dave Janda of the IPSM.

4. Get the proper equipment

Badly fitting gears or ill sized equipment can be a cause of training injuries. The extra money spent on proper equipment goes a long way.

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