If you’re a fruit lover and you’re looking for the best fruits that aids weight loss then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post we’ll be looking at eleven of those fruits.

Not only will you find this list useful as an ally on your weight loss journey, You’ll also find that they’re common everyday fruits that most people, even you may be consuming throughout the day.

To make them work for you? You just might need to have them in variety, store them at home like you normally do the groceries.

So lets not waste time and get to the meat of today’s post, Here are the 11 fruits that helps you lose weight faster.

Apples have zero cholesterol. They contain high level of fiber that makes your stomach stay full and increase your metabolism rate.

Avocados also have a positive effect when it comes to metabolism boosting. It also helps in the secretion of TESTOSTERONE.

Bananas are stuffed with soluble fiber that chases away the thirst for eating various comfort foods.

Oranges helps shrink a sizeable amount of calories from your diet. Oranges also helps you stay hydrated.

Tomatoes are endowed with a substantial amount of vitamin C and lycopene which helps accelerate cartamine for fat burning process.

Blueberries possess high amounts of antioxidants that helps the body get rid of toxins that aids weight gain.

Peach is high in fiber which helps you stay full and in turn chases hunger aiding weight loss.

Coconuts are high in fiber and when consumed can keep you full all day to avoid sinful snacking.

Just like apples, cucumber is one of those fruits that is very low in calories and is made up of 90% water, This makes it fit for helping you lose weight fast.

Carrots supply the body with a reasonable dose of healthy sugar and is known to contain less calories as well. You can expect to get about 29 calories from 100g of carrots.

Dry fruits are essential when it comes to weight loss. They contain less cholesterol & adding them to your diets will produce better results. Examples are figs, apricots.. Here’s a list of quality dry fruits.

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