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5 Best Exercises For Getting a Bigger and Firm Butt

For you, or everybody else out there with a flat bum... Getting that butt bigger is almost everything, good thing you don't have to go crazy with implants or un-natural procedures that poses threat to your health.

Either by going to the gym or right from your house, You can help yourself get a firm and bigger but by sparing time to perform some power exercise moves that does the job well.

Have you seen our 30-day bigger, round and firm butt challenge? It's an amazing resource.

Earlier on we also discussed some butt strengthening exercise for runners, They include step ups, weighted squats and so on. If you're on... A firm butt will definitely help your career.

Today's post is diving deeper into the question in everybody's mouth...

What are the exercises that helps me get a bigger and rounder butt?

We'll get to it shortly. To give you a quick run-down... Here are the exercise moves:

  • Squats -- With different squat variations.
  • Weighted Donkey Kicks
  • Bridges
  • Lunges
  • Reverse Flutter Kicks
  • Booty Kicks

Ready to give your butt wings? Lets get started.

best butt exercises

1. Squats

Squats are the KING of butt exercises. Barely will you see a butt workout that doesn't include squats. They're very popular and come in different types, variations.

If you're new to this exercise move, Then you might want to look at our simple guide on how to squat properly [5,400+ shares].

As mentioned above, there are different squat variations that serve different purposes and benefits to your body, The weighted squat for example is a move that strengthens your glute.

These are the list of squat variations that helps put your booty in the shape you want it:

  • The Pistol Squat
  • Squat and lift
  • Jump Squats and sometimes practice the weighted Squat move.

squat and lift

Here's the definitive guide to Jump Squats and here's a sweet diagram of what the real squat and jump from FitnessRX.

2. Weighted Donkey Kick

There's the donkey kick exercise and there's the weighted version that's even more effective.

This move has a way of working your entire body especially your butt... This move is illustrated below. Just Get the donkey kick move going, then add a dumbbell.

Weighted Donkey Kick Popusgar

The image above came from's guide to butt exercises using dumbbells.

3. Bridges

Sometimes called glute bridges. Almost as popular as squatting, the "bridges" exercise moves comes in different variations all with one goal...

Helping you get a firm and bigger butt.

Lets take a quick look at the bridge variations that helps you in your journey to getting a bigger booty.

  • Glute Bridge with Dumbbell - Just the way we added dumbbell to squats.
  • Glute Bridge March -- Quite different and unique. You'll be replacing the use of a dumbbell with a march in this variation.

Here's a guide on how the glute bridge with dumbbell is done and embedded below is a YouTube video from Nikki Auckland on how to add a march to your Glute bridge exercise move.

Lets move on to other glute firming exercises.

4. Lunges

These guys have their own fair share of popularity among butt exercises. They're good for strengthening, sculpting several muscles in the body according to Wikipedia.

This exercise move is super effective in transforming your butt shape to a situation that warrants an "OMG!" exclamation. What makes this even sweet is that...

... this exercise move is super easy to get.

Lunges take care of a variety of muscles in your lower body, They include your:

  • Glutes
  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings and so on.

Give your bum a boost by adding this exercise with squats Incorporated into your workout routine, you'll see amazing results.

5. Kick Moves

Yep.. Kick moves, In this article we're gonna be looking at three main kick move variation that sculpts and pushes out your booty. They are:

  • Donkey Kicks -- Quite popular.
  • Reverse Flutter Kicks
  • Booty Kicks

The three are very similar, works in different ways but the end result is focused on one goal; Helping you get that BOOTY.

Booty kicks work best with a chair, Here's an excellent article on nailing this exercise move and if you're going to be practicing the reverse flutter kicks, The diagram below shows exactly how your body and posture should be.

reverse flutter kicks

Image source:

All the best and have fun building that booty.

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