Whenever we meet a woman who’s made health a priority in her life, there’s something besides her fit figure that strikes us: her mindset.

Being healthy is about a lot more than eating right and showing up at the gym, so we tapped a few “fitspirational” women to learn how these active entrepreneurs make well-being and happiness priorities in their lives.

These are the habits, mantras, and mindsets that motivate these inspiring women to lead a balanced lifestyle.

1. Create Your Own Goals

“I like to set goals that aren’t driven by chasing success, but rather to be better than I was before, or pushing my personal boundaries. If you create something of value either to yourself or someone else, success inevitably finds you”.

As a multimedia reporter, Jeannine covers the latest wellness trends across health, fitness, beauty, and lifestyle for E! News, the Today show, and Good Morning America, but it’s JeannineMorris.com, her eponymous site, that women love.

From insider tricks for finding your inner glow to boosting your confidence, Jeannine is a dynamic force—even Forbes deemed her an inspiring entrepreneur.”

2. Learn to Let Go

“Let go of the future: It doesn’t exist! We’re so caught up in our plans and goals that this is hard for people to comprehend, but once you understand, you allow yourself to fully live in the moment and appreciate the little things that make up this precious life.”

Citing herself as a “silver lining–exposing, gratitude-pushing bestie,” Angela Simson helps people to achieve their goals with her website, The Gratitude Project.

While she is a vision of fitness, her idea of wellness is when your physical, mental, and spiritual health comes together. She lives and breathes this mantra, working offline as a health coach, where she helps women to build their confidence and achieve happiness.

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